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The leading Customer Data Platform for retail & eCommerce

Great brands are built on great customer experiences. Lexer transforms your disconnected data into actionable insights, so you can spend more time creating the customer experiences that drive sales.

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Customer-obsessed brands choose Lexer

The Customer Data Platform for Retail Brands

Lexer transforms disconnected data into actionable insights and provides the workflow tools to automate and optimize the customer experiences that drive sales. Transforming you and your business to customer first.

lexer customer data platform

The Customer Data Platform for Retail Brands

lexer connect your customer data

Connect your customer data

Fragmented data = fractured customer experiences. By collecting, connecting, and enriching customer data from disparate systems to create a single customer view, you can discover actionable insights that help you attract, convert, and delight customers.

Accurate data for confident decision-making

Messy, inconsistent, duplicated customer data hinders customer analytics and engagement. Lexer takes years of transactional and profile data from any system and creates a clean, consistent, de-duplicated record of every customer.

lexer accurate data
lexer fill the gaps

Fill the gaps in each profile

Lexer enables people-based targeting by securely identifying users through PII and syncing their behaviors to their customer profiles within the platform, ensuring your segments are as complete and accurate as possible.

Predict customer behavior

Using the latest AI and marketing models, such as RFM, Lexer creates intelligent metrics and predicts what your customers will do next.

lexer predict customer behavior
lexer integrate your techstack

Integrate your tech stack

Analyze, warehouse, sync, or activate customer data anywhere, with flexible integrations that enable you to securely export your data into any downstream system within your tech stack.

Other Lexer Solutions


Lexer enables you to quickly identify the right customers, messages, creative, and channels for your marketing campaigns. Lexer’s easy-to-use tools allow you to orchestrate highly targeted campaigns across every channel, reducing waste and improving engagement.

lexer marketing
lexer integrate your techstack


Lexer guides sales teams through interactions with each customer to improve the relevancy and impact of the in-store experience.

With access to detailed purchase histories and preference information, you can tailor the customer experience, capture data that’s traditionally lost, provide informed product recommendations, and configure next best actions for consistent, high-quality engagement.

Customer Service

Lexer’s CDP-powered digital customer service solution enables you to provide exceptional omnichannel service with streamlined workflows, centralized inboxes, straightforward tools for customer feedback collection, and more.

lexer customer service

The Lexer x Skyrocket Studios Partnership

As the industry leader when it comes to CDPs for retail and & eCommerce, Lexer partnered with Skyrocket Studios to deliver high quality marketing and data solutions to local brands in the Philippines and the greater SEA region. The partnership further enables Skyrocket Studios to provide a robust ecosystem of eCommerce solutions to local merchants.


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