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Empowering 1,200+ Global Brands Across Industries

From Fortune 500 companies to mobile-first brands, MoEngage helps amplify Customer Engagement for everyone.

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Why MoEngage?

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Customer Insights & Analytics

Match your communications to customers' interactions with your brand while providing them with future recommendations based on our AI predictive capabilities.

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Customer Journey Orchestration

Orchestrate the customer journey to optimize your customer experience, increase conversions, and reduce drop-offs.

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Omnichannel Communication

Engage customers with consistent, personalized messaging and build seamless experiences across all touchpoints with your brand.

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AI-Powered Campaign Optimization

Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically deduce the best performing content, channel, and time to communicate with each customer.

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Leverage the Power of Personalization

Across every channel, at every journey touchpoint, your customers get the right message at the right time. We give you the data insights to make that possible.

MoEngage by the numbers

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Messages sent daily around the globe
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The MoEngage x Skyrocket Studios Partnership

In a bid to strengthen their presence in the ASEAN region, MoEngage has partnered with Skyrocket Studios to help the platform root its presence in the Philippines for the first time, providing a fresh outlook to the local market. MoEngage, headquartered in San Francisco, USA, is currently present in nine countries across North America, Europe, and Asia. It is being used in over 35 countries around the world and processes 25 billion messages per month.


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